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Our mission “Rethink Drinks” stands for hacking mix drinks and cocktails that everyone knows, but with a lot less calories and alcohol. That’s why we left out all unnecessary ingredients like sugar, carbohydrates and gluten in our drinks. STËLZ contains 4.5% alcohol and 63 calories, making it the perfect, refreshing alternative to sweet and heavy drinks.


Our goal is simple: to help you snack more healthily with tasty bites that make you feel good. This is how we – bite by bite – shake up the snacking world.


Premium low-calorie soft drinks, mixed with feel good flavours, all-natural ingredients, and a splash of Vitamin D — to help you catch the sun all year round. This is liquid sunshine!



Plant-based energy and protein.

Natural ingredients and gluten-free.

For everyday performance and snacking.

The French Kiss Club

THE FRENCH KISS CLUBS offers delicious wine in a can sourced from premium French grapes out of the south of France.

The fruity white wine, rosé wine and bubbly white & rosé are perfectly balanced to embrace your tongue and refresh your mind.


Greentale offers delicious ready-to-drink Cocktails. Their unique production process together with the usage of only fresh ingredients and all natural flavors results in delicious cocktails!

GREENTALE’s brewed cocktails are available on tap and bottle!

Soul Water

Soul Water promises to create the most circular packed water solution they can. The brand was born from the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy quality drinking tap water. When that’s not possible, Soul Water wanted to create an easy solution so people can enjoy water in a sustainable way.

For every Soul Water can that’s purchased, a minimum of 5% of the turnover is donated to The Soul Community. In this way we build a greener planet together.


PULPOLOCO is a premium Sangria crafted and imported from Spain. It’s a light-bodied, fruity and refreshing Sangria, made of the best blend of true Spanish ingredients.
It’s filled in a unique eco-friendly CARTONCAN ®.


24 ICE’s refreshing Frozen Cocktails are ice creams in all sorts of colours and flavours, available with or without alcohol. Wherever you are this summer, whether at a festival or balcony, in a park or living room: FREEZE THE FUN!


We’ve redefined what it means to energise. Say goodbye to sugar and artificial caffeine and hello to feel good energy. Made with natural ingredients and super powered by yerba mate, Virtue is the energy drink you can feel good about.